Assigning Transactions To Envelopes

Recording a transaction in NeoBudget is easy, yet powerful. You can take all of the funds from one envelope, or split it across several envelopes. This tutorial shows the process of recording a “Subtract $” transaction in NeoBudget (essentially, a debit).

First, click on the “Subtract $” tab at the top of your account page. You can also get here through the import wizard when it comes across a debit or charge transaction.

Enter all the details about the transaction such as whom it was to, the date, and any other details you wish to remind yourself of later.

Next, enter the amount of the transaction. If you are in the import wizard, the amount will be added for you automatically. Note that the “Save” buttons are disabled and that the “Remainder” shows the total of your transaction. The “Remainder” is the amount of the transaction that has not been assigned to an envelope. The buttons are disabled until the “Remainder” is $0.00 meaning that the entire amount has been distributed to envelopes.

In the case shown in the image below, we have set the amount to $68.45 but have not said which envelopes to take that money from, so the “Save” buttons are disabled.


The final step is to say which envelopes the money should be taken from. In the example below, we are taking the entire amount from Groceries. However, you could just as easily take $10 from Clothing and $58.45 from Groceries.


Once you have assigned the entire amount, the “Remainder” value will be $0.00 and the “Save” buttons will be enabled, allowing you to save the transaction and continue using NeoBudget.


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